GreenCities Writing Contest for Young Environmentalists

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The Green Cities consortium developed the blog post “GreenCities Writing Contest for Young Environmentalists” under the EU-Funded Project Youth Participation for Developing Sustainable Green Cities (reference number: 2022-1-DE04-KA220-YOU-000085135).. L4Y Learning for Youth GmbH is leading the project alongside partners Citizens in Power, Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı, Kean, Walktogether, and Kaán Károly Környezetvédelmi Egyesület.

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Writing Contest Background and Goals

Are you a young and passionate environmentalist, eager to make a difference in your city? Now is your chance to showcase your unique ideas on environment protection, climate change solutions, and sustainable city development. Join the GreenCities Writing Contest, part of the KA220 youth project “Youth Participation for Developing Sustainable Green Cities,” and stand a chance to win fantastic cash prizes!

We aim to establish youth-led NGOs during the lifetime of this GreenCities project. Also, we do some activities to benefit green youth-led NGOs and select appropriate young people who are environmentally conscious.
This contest is one of these many activities;
We ask young people to enter the contest by sharing their unique ideas about protecting the environment, stopping climate change, and making cities smarter, greener, and more sustainable.

Additionally, the GreenCities Writing Contest aims to identify environmentally conscious young individuals who can contribute to developing sustainable green cities. Moreover, this contest is part of a larger project that fosters youth-led NGOs and engages young citizens in creating eco-friendly, smart cities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Firstly, participants must be 18-30 years old and reside in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Hungary or Türkyie.
  • Secondly, it is only open to young people including those with migrant backgrounds
  • Thirdly, submissions should be in the national language of the country where you reside or in English.
  • Fourthly, entries should be individual; participants can submit only one work.
  • Finally, contestants cannot be partners’ employees or family members.

GreenCities Writing Contest: Writing Guidelines

  • Entries must not include derogatory language or content against any religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic group.
  • Commercial promotions or advertisements are prohibited.
  • Submissions must not violate any laws.
  • Word count should be between 450 and 1000 words, with single spacing and Helvetica 10 font.

Exciting Rewards

  • 1st prize: 500 EUR
  • 2nd prize: 300 EUR
  • 3rd prize: 200 EUR
  • Special awards: 100 EUR

GreenCities Writing Contest: Application Process

Shortly, email your submission as a Word attachment to, with “GreenCities – Writing Contest” as the subject. Include your name, surname, email, and phone number in the email. Send us before deadline of 31 MAY 2023 24:00

Project Objectives and Activities

Obviously, the project aims to foster sustainable green cities through cooperation, a youth-led NGO network, and raising awareness among young citizens. Likewise, activities include training framework development, training platform creation, and building green youth communities.

Potential Impact

Furthermore, the project will establish a training module, a training platform, skill development in green smart cities, and the creation of green youth community NGOs. Later, partners will show a youth-led NGO network and project websites. They also train numerous participants.

GreenCities Writing Contest: Conclusion

Although the GreenCities Writing Contest is an excellent opportunity for young environmentalists in Germany to contribute to developing sustainable green cities. For that reason, participate in the contest, share your ideas, and join the movement to create a greener, brighter future for our cities!

Also, we are creating a green youth community, and if you want to join, do not hesitate to register on our Discord Channel.

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